Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST.

– Frank Zappa


RESPECT MUSIC seeks to provide an awareness to all its readers, of the profound impact music has to the individual as to the world.

There’s no denying a juncture of sorts for all audio artists of today, so RESPECT MUSIC is offering techniques, ideas, music contacts (local and global), influences and connections between all worlds of music, beginning with a long-overdue connection between the dance music DJ and the musician.

Remember: respect music, the rest is a learning experience.



RESPECT MUSIC will provide the tools which DJs, musicians, producers and the like need in order to protect themselves in the creation of their art and generation of revenue. We see these as “construction tools”.

These will be available soon, and will include:

   – Contracts for various gigs/combinations of performances

   – Entertainment Lawyers

   – Managers

   – PR/Bookings


RESPECT MUSIC RECORDINGS is an up and coming record label which focuses on and features live, unedited quality recordings of musical performances.

RESPECT MUSIC RECORDINGS views recording live performances of original works as a crucial vehicle for generating revenue for the musician, DJ and producer at each stage of creation.


RESPECT MUSIC believes that clear communication is crucial to the success of any relationship. We have created the ultimate communication medium for DJs and musician.

THE UPPER HAND was created by the founder of RESPECT MUSIC, John Juster. Using a combination of traditional and newly created conducting hand gestures, the DJ and musician are able to create a new musical experience.

Intrigued? We encourage you to explore and use THE UPPER HAND.